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Stress and Weight

We offer services that have been tried and tested over generations of practitioners working alongside modern medicine. Our variety of natural treatments will help you reach a better self wellness.

Stress and Weight

Studies show that Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture or/and herbs) used in combination with western pharmaceutical treatment of depression and anxiety is more effective than either modality when used on its own.-- by Antonia Balfour, L.Ac.

TCM believes excessive weight gains are caused mainly by an imbalance in the body due to a malfunction of the internal organ systems. So you will get customized treatments, such as body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, massage therapy and natural herbs…

You can always expect to find help from our clinic’s special, natural and unique combination treatments.

The combinations include: TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) acupuncture, cupping, natural herbs remedy, massage therapy, reflexology …

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