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Pain Relief

We offer services that have been tried and tested over generations of practitioners working alongside modern medicine. Our variety of natural treatments will help you reach a better self wellness.

Pain Relief

Our registered health providers to serve you with Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Natural Herbs and Cupping… to help you to relieve sciatica, back pain, migraine, stiff neck and shoulders, frozen shoulder, golfer elbow & tennis elbow, knee pain, ankle pain, heel pain, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and arthritis…

“I think the benefit of acupuncture is clear, and the complications and potential adverse effects of acupuncture are low compared with medication,” says Dr. Lucy Chen, a board-certified anesthesiologist, specialist in pain medicine, and practicing acupuncturist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

There is one person suffering from pain in every 3 persons. In 2013, Harvard Medical School did a research about “Acupuncture and Pain Relief”. Research from an international team of experts adds to the evidence that it does provide real relief from common forms of pain. The team pooled the results of 29 studies involving nearly 18,000 participants. Overall, acupuncture relieved pain by about 50%. The results were published in Archives of Internal Medicine.


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