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IVF transfer and thin lining

September 22 2018

Thin lining is one of the most challenged reasons for the cancellation of IVF transfer. Normal lining is 8-11mm, sometimes, some Dr. also take 7mm as the minimum thickness of the uterine lining for IVF transfer. There are many reasons may connect with the thin lining, such as unhealthy diet, frequent miscarriages, Dilation and curettage (D&C), high stress level, hormone imbalance … For helping patients to increase the uterine lining, we recommend 3 months before the IVF transfer to start acupuncture and herbal treatments. Usually, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on improving blood and energy circulation, boosting functions of Kidney and Liver (balance hormones naturally), soothing Liver (stress relies) and clearing dampness-heat or dampness-cold (de-toxicity)... to help thin lining patients.

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