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TCM Herbs and Fertility treatments

September 18 2018

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs have been using in China for over than 5000 years to help human’s health. But in Canada, it is still a new health practice.

Male and female infertility are complicated from TCM diagnosis system. Usually, we encourage patients to try all the beneficial treatments. Most common combination is western treatment, such as IVF, IUI combined with fertility acupuncture, also herbs. Generally, herbs are used for:

  1. Age challenged patients, such as over than 36 years old women or/and over 40 years old men;
  2. Low ovarian reserve patients; now a days, this diagnose is not only for high aged women, but also for a lot of young women. It may connect with high stress level, unhealthy diet and life style, such alcohol, smoking, abortions and miscarriages, even long time using the birth-control pills. Usually, donor egg is the most often recommendation from fertility specialists, but herbs may still can help you have your own eggs.
  3. Male infertility patients. Usually, herbal treatment can improve sperm quality fast.
  4. Complicated fertility issues, such as PCOS patients, intractable thin lining, and frequent miscarriages... General speaking, we recommend these kinds of patients can stay with TCM herbal and acupuncture for 3-6 months to heal or improve the original health problems before starting fertility treatments. Or do both of them at the same time.

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